Rahonavis ostromi was a genus of drom

Dinosaur Revolution Rahonavis

aeosaurid dinosaur from cretaceous Madagascar.


Being very bird like in apperance this small dinosaur could even flap it's wings weakly in order to take of and fly very short distances. This small dromaeosaurid was covered in feathers and in many ways looked and acted very much like a bird. Rahonavis could spread it's wings and glide from tree to tree to avoide the dangers of ground preadators. It was perfectly at home in trees where it could hunt and be safe from predators at the same time. However unlike birdds rahonavis had teeth in it's beak like mouth and had claws on its wings. It also had a lon
g stiff tail like most other dromaeosaurids. Another survival tactic that rahonavis may have possesed is that it could immitate other creatures and copy the noises that they made to scare of predators and protect itself. In terms of brains this creature was gifted by dinosaur standards and like amny of its close relatives could have had problem solving intelligence. Rahonavis would also have been able to hunt at night just as well as it would have been able to hunt during the day. Scientists know this because it had large eye sockets meaning that it had large eye which meant that it would have been able to well in the dark. Rahonavis was small only about the size of a hawk and scientists are still debating over weather it's a bird or a dinosaur.Rahonavis lived in forested or desert areas, and either scavenged carcasses from dead dinosaurs or ate insects that were around. It lived alongside the fiece predator majungasaurus and the sauropod Rapetosaurus.
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In Popular CultureEdit

  • Rahonavis was recently shown in the documentary Dinosaur Revolution, where it was shown to have been able to repeat sounds from its environment, eat parasites of large animals like the sauropod rapetosaurus and was chased down by a pair of baby Majungasaurus until it used its ventriliquism talent to sound like a large dinosaur and scare off the youngsters.
  • It was also in epsiode three, Last Killers, of Planet Dinosaur, where several rahonavis are driven a carcass by a female Majungasaurus and its babies.