Buitreraptor Compared To an Average Sized Human

Buitreraptor gonzalezorum was a dromaeosaurid from late Cretaceous Argentina.

Discovery And DescriptionEdit

Discovered in 2004 but not described until early 2005 this early late cretaceous dromaeosaurid weighed just 3 KG and was 1.5 metres long according to estimates by Gregory S. Paul in 2010. This dinosaur was different to many typical dromaeosaurids due to its slender elongated snout full of of many small serated teeth. It has been concluded that this dinosaur hunted small lizards and mammals rather than larger prey like some other dromaeosaurs. No feathers have been found but it is highly likely that it did have them as some of its close revitives like Sinornithosaurus and Microraptor have been found with feathers.